Friday, February 15, 2008

A Retiring Blog...

Sleeping eleven hours a night, working nine hours a day and updating two blogs is getting me down. Keep up to date with our life at

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Squirrel Struggle

We've tried foam, wood and steel wire to keep this squirrel out of the attic. You can see his little teeth eating through the steel wire. I hate squirrels!

1, 2, 3

So many good things come in threes,
like Musketeers and ABC's
But triplets are the best of all.
From little ones to those quite tall.
And from the time such life begins,
It's extra laughter and triple grins.
With joys and mischiefs multiplied
And two defenders by each side.
So much alike, forever linked,
And yet they're also quite distinct.
They share a birthday and a name,
But moods and tempers aren't the same.
From days of youth till life is done,
It's one for all and all for one,
God made us novel and precise,
But special folks -- He made them thrice!

Sam & Hollee are having triplets.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Posts w/ Pics

Sorry I've been a little silent recently. I lost the cord to connect my computer to my camera. I just can't post w/o pictures. Enjoy a few mew posts!

Gas Prices

Honestly...I purchased at this price the other day in Orlando, Fl. WOW!

$4.49 a gallon for regular

Seats for Soldiers

Several nights ago was the fourth annual Seats for Soldiers event at the Dallas Mav's Game. The front row season ticket holders donate their tickets to soldiers for one night. Most of the soldiers had spent multiple years in Iraq and many with serious injury. It was a pretty touching night. Here are a few photos...

This is a video of the crowd cheering on the soldiers. It was pretty cool!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


This week is the Luxury Travel Show in Las Vegas. Nothing says luxury like Southwest Vacations, right? We promoted our packages to Travel Agents that book Vacation Packages. For me that meant another trip to Vegas and I got to stay at the Bellagio. new fav hotel. I was so bummed I forgot my real camera so these photos are a little burry since they cam from my camera phone. They had just decorated for Christmas. Here are a few pics...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Photos from Japan

So I thought I would have more time to blog while in Japan. The jetlag kinda got me down. I plan to work on a recap blog on the flight home. We are now waiting at the airport for our flight back to the US. (Thankfully we are at the airport four hours parents were concerned that we might run into a few problems. I guess the good thing to arriving four hours early is we were able to secure exit row seats.)

I have posted all our pics online. You can check them out at

Japan 07

(I am also not sure why I have a uk web address. I believe it is b/c I am using English in Japan. :D

Also I thought I might leave you with a little Japanese although I have no idea what any of it means...

ほっぇえふぉじゃアウロイクアア ホッェエ エリュイオ

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Photos from Japan

We have had a good time so far. We've seen a temple, Osaka, Japanese shopping, Kyoto and one of the world's largest ferris wheels. The food is a big adjustment. Besides edamame, who says lets go out for Japanese food. (Please don't confuse with Chinese which is very different and does included fried rice. Also Benihana (or Japanese steakhouse) is an American version of Japanese and doesn't actually exist here. Lastly sushi lovers, I do agree that Japan provides a great dish to you....but I don't like I'm out).

So here are the pics... (which are in no real order thanks to Blogger's confusing picture application)

Just like in New Orleans...Cafe Du Monde in Osaka, Japan.
Japanese Lunch (we did have fried rice)

Some of you asked for pics of my dad in Japan. You can see him heads above the rest.
jellyfish at Osaka aquariumone of the world's largest ferris wheels - 112.5 meters (or 370 feet) in height
the Japanese sometimes struggle with correct English...I thought this was funny
(but they do MUCH better at English than I do with Japanese)
many little kids were visiting the aquarium when we were...they were these hats to keep them organized by class or something
the Japanese love English...they like to wear shirts with English but usually they make no sense...I guess it related to how many Americans have tattoos with Chinese or Japanese characters. Do you really think those tattoo artist know the language?
when we visited the Kiyomizu temple all the rocks had bibs...not sure why
In Kyoto we ran into a group of geisha girls. I was super excited! Have you see the movie Memoirs of a Geisha?
the vending machines in Japan are a little different...Japanese doesn't have a 'l' sound so cola is cora
check out the Merry Xmas wreath
this is in front of the Kiyomizu Temple
eastern toilets - most are like ours at home but I thought th

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hello from Japan

I made it to Japan on Sunday night around 7:00pm. (Both of my flights on United had mechanical problems that delayed both flights.) I started my stop watch on take off from Dallas and at touch down in Osaka it was 20 hours and 7 minutes. That includes the three hour layover in San Fran and the two mechanical errors. Anyway...

When I called Chad from the Osaka lobby...they were on the way to get me. Since my flight was so late...they figured they would meet me at the airport instead of the train station. So my fears of figuring out the Osaka train station were for nothing.

I was a little dazed from the flight and all so I forgot to take pictures yesterday. We do have a great view from the hotel so I am posting those below. Once Chad wakes up (he sleeps pretty late) we are going to head to Kyoto.

Also Blogger must read the IP address and know that I am in Japan. All of the wording in Japanese.